Touchtunes TV Marketing

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Are you looking for a new way to provide fun and interactive marketing concepts inside your establishment? We have just the opportunity for you! Gold Rush Gaming is now assisting in implementing TouchTunes TV into our Touchtunes partner locations. TouchTunes TV is an easy way to not only show your guests what is playing and what is playing next but it is a great tool for in house digital marketing. This can all be done by using wifi, a TV, and a small device that plugs directly into the TV you provide.

This opens a whole new world of environmentally friendly in-house advertising where locations can provide information about their daily specials and events without the hassle of print costs. They can even provide channels for different types of news, including professional and college sports without the addition of advertising from commercial products and services.

This also give you another opportunity to partner with Gold Rush to promote in-house about video gaming, the newest and latest games that Gold Rush Gaming always provides, and any promotions you may have going on.

We even have the option to make TouchTunes TV interactive through social media threads and trivia games. TouchTunes TV gives you the option to allow guests to make social media posts using a hashtag you create to show their experience on screen, which we think is a great addition to allow your guests to see themselves on the big screen (or the little one that’s totally up to you!). All these posts are fully monitored through a system TouchTunes created to ensure that the posts that do show and appropriate for all age levels and do not cause a disturbance to the establishment. Now lets talk gaming! And no we are not just talking video gaming even though we think this is a great way to market your video gaming area. TouchTunes TV has created it’s software to enable live trivia games that a location can either have on random with a selected category of their trivia database or set up a trivia night with a customizable theme.

If your establishment has a Gold Rush Gaming, Prestige, Blackhawk Music, or Paramount Amusements owned Touchtunes Jukebox in your establishment reach out to us today to add Touchtunes TV to your establishment today.

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