What Our Gold Rush Marketing Team Loves About the Holidays

by Ellie Loconte

Although the Holidays will be different this year than in the past, that doesn’t stop the ability to continue spreading the Holiday spirit! We have put together a little snippet of what our Gold Rush Marketing Team loves about the Holiday’s. We hope that these thoughts from our Marketing Team makes you think about what you’re grateful for this Holiday season!


What Our Marketing Team Loves:


“I love the Thanksgiving Holiday because it brings together my family for a weekend long celebration that we call – “The Feast”. It’s one of our longest running family traditions and I look forward to all the good food and good laughs that we have together!” -Chelsea, Marketing Manager


“My favorite part of the holiday season is how we have time to realize how special our lives are. Very often I don’t get to tell the people in my life how important they are to me. However, during these times, I get to buy gifts and have a reason to put a smile on their face.” -Marissa, Marketing Coordinator


“The ability to spend more time with family and be in the moment is what matters most to me. The Holidays have a way of slowing time down to appreciate the traditions and moments that are spent with our loved ones!” -Annie, Social Media Coordinator


“I love watching the snow fall with a warm cup of hot chocolate thinking about all the holidays past and looking forward to all the family gatherings to come. But I mean of course, I can’t forget about the food. Sit me down in front of a bowl of stuffing or a raspberry cheesecake and we’re good to go.” -Cassie, Marketing Coordinator


“What I love about the Holidays is just being able to go back home and see family and friends that I don’t get to see very often. My family always comes together during the holidays and it’s just nice to be around everyone and catch up and just relax.“ -Kristen, Marketing Coordinator


“During the holidays, I love getting to see family that you don’t see all the time. Certain family foods spark memories that we only have during the holidays. Also, sitting by the fire and thinking about all that has happened in the last year- how much I have learned/grown in the last few months and setting new goals for the following year.” -Kelli, Marketing Manager


“I’d say spending time with family, eating a lot of good food and seeing my family’s reactions to the gifts I get them.” -Max, Digital Marketing Specialist


Happy Holiday’s everyone!

-The Gold Rush Gaming Family