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Social media is a budget friendly and easy way to keep your gamers up to date on everything happening in your gaming establishment. From game upgrades to promotions to specials it is a simple post away from relaying the message to all of your followers. Staying up to date and promoting your social media pages are key to finding success in the world of social media marketing for your business. If your regulars and new faces that walk through the door are unaware that you are on any form of social media it is very likely they will not be a loyal follower and they will miss out on information that could potentially bring them in more frequently. Here are a few tips and tricks to stay up to date and promote your social media pages inside your business:

  • Create posters to mention that you announce promotions, specials, upgrades, etc. on your social media pages so people know that is the place to see all the latest news about your gaming establishment.
  • Do a giveaway on social media – “Like our _____ page and be entered to win __________”
    • You can visit the Gold Rush Gaming Facebook page for examples of giveaways we have ran through social media for examples or reach out to your relationship manager to let Gold Rush Gaming assist with the promotion.
  • Stay up to date
    • Schedule in advance on your accounts or plan out posts at least a few days in advance so you know you have content and information to post. The added “surprise” posts of big winners or surprise specials can always be added in last minute but having a plan will allow you to set yourself up for success.
    • Having a schedule also will allow you to spend less time each day creating content because it will already be ready to go.
    • Take photos of your gaming area throughout the week and/or create graphics for your posts to help you stay even more ahead and make posting as easy and quick as possible or reach out to Gold Rush for graphics and assistance for content we are more than happy to assist.
  • Be Interactive
    • Respond to comments and be sure not to leave questions unanswered. This will help make your followers feel like their comments aren’t ignored.

Social media can be intimidating if it is a new marketing outlet for you but it can easily be simplified and successful if it is planned out and monitored. There are many benefits to using social media and we think it is a great marketing tool for our gaming partners to utilize. If you are looking for more information about using social media for your gaming establishment reach out to your dedicated relationship manager today to set up a time to meet with Gold Rush Gaming about social media today.

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