Amplifying Your Social Media Presence

by Ellie Loconte

There are many different ways that you can amplify your social media presence in 2022. In part 1 of this blog series, we discussed the importance of your establishment having an online presence. With millions of online users, you never want to miss the opportunity to reach another customer.


A question you might be asking if you are new to social media or an inactive user, is “what should my business be posting?” The opportunities are endless, and depend on what your establishment offers. A great place to start is posting about what value you can bring to your customers.



  • Gaming

As a gaming partner, there are dozens or even hundreds of games that your establishment offers. From Buffalo, Cash Crop, Wu Fu Fortunes, The Wild Life, to Freibier!, there is a game that everyone knows and loves that you could be posting about.


Gaming Content Ideas:

  • Ticket vouchers: when your customers win big, don’t forget to post about it! But remember to be smart, and only post the voucher once it has been redeemed
  • Social media images provided by Gold Rush: our curated content is always fun and engaging to share
  • Customers playing their favorite game: what better way to post about gaming than sharing the love for your gamers? With their permission of course, post a picture of a customer and share why they love playing their favorite game. You never know who will get in on the conversation in the comments


  • Food/Drinks

If you are a bar, restaurant, or even gaming café – odds are your establishment offers some delicious treats! Get creative and start posting about it. You never know what specials or offerings will draw customers in. Have $5 grilled cheese Tuesday’s? That customer who’s craving a grilled cheese might be that much more inclined to come in if they’re aware of the special. Show the VALUE in the awesome menu items that your business makes!


Food/Drink Content Ideas:

  • Boomerang of some favorite menu items
  • Pictures of your hard-working staff
  • Pictures of your loyal customers (with approval)


  • Events

Does your company run events? Whether it be the local DJ you host on Friday and Saturday nights, live music on Thursday evenings, or Paint and Sips on Sunday mornings, let your customers know! People look forward to marking events on their calendars, especially if there is a digital reminder. Combined with the value your establishment offers with gaming, food, and drinks, showcasing your events brings even more value to customers showing up.


Our biggest tip with social media is consistency. Start by posting a few times a week, and increase the frequency if that works for your establishment. Once you build consistency, you can really amplify your social media presence by thinking outside of the box. Get creative!


We hope that these tips helped!

-The Gold Rush Gaming Family


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