UPshow TV: Bring A New Element of Marketing Into Your Facility!

by Ellie Loconte

Have you ever wondered how your favorite restaurants, café’s or bars display different graphics, messages and videos on their TV’s?



At Gold Rush Gaming, we have the answer! We have partnered with UPshow to provide this clear and crisp digital marketing tool to our partners. Highlighting what your business offers on screen is a great way to capture customers’ attention and spread awareness of what is going on in your facility.


Are you a Partner who is interested in this feature? Installing UPshow is a simple and easy process. One of our trained Gold Rush Gaming staff members will come out to your location, install the device and show you how to upload your desired pics, highlight your favorite sports clips and even get consumers involved with the social media connectivity feature.


The beauty of UPshow is that it can be customized to your liking. Our current partners with UPshow love showcasing their food specials, employees working, events happening and any special messages they would like their customers to know. This technology is great for any demographic and will continue to move with the market in the following years to come!


Gold Rush is more than a terminal operator. We want all our Partner’s to feel confident in marketing your location!


Happy October!

-The Gold Rush Gaming Family