Making the Safe Bet: A refresher on Illinois Sports Betting Laws

by WebAdmin

Gold Rush Gaming always aims to put its partners in the best possible position to succeed.

A lot goes into achieving that goal, but nothing is more important than helping our partners remain in compliance with all laws, including Illinois’ gambling laws. So, with football season in full swing, we would like to offer a reminder of these regulations as they pertain to sports wagering.

Any type of illegal gambling on the premises of an establishment can result in substantial fines or the revocation of the establishment’s video gaming and/or liquor licenses. This means that illegal sports wagering of any kind, such as football square pools, are strictly prohibited in any establishment licensed for video gaming.

The penalties for such infractions are severe, and the Illinois Gaming Board has made it clear it will not tolerate such activity. The IGB has and will conduct unannounced investigations at licensed locations to determine if there is any illegal gambling activity occurring, and in the past has issued substantial monetary fines to several locations for sports gambling infractions. The Board has also indicated that there will be no room for error when it comes to these laws and regulations going forward.

Drawing in large crowds on weekends to watch football is a fall mainstay for many Gold Rush Gaming partners, and we don’t want that to change one bit. We do want all our partners to be aware of these laws and regulations so they can make sure they are always in compliance, and we can continue to flourish together.