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Rebetting a winning ticket at a Kiosk

To re-bet a winning ticket amount, simply scan the ticket on the sports betting kiosk and press the “Add to Balance” button and proceed to place your bet. In the event you wish to bet a portion of your winning ticket, upon completion of your bet, you will be able to cash out the remaining balance.

Convert To Cash

To convert your winning ticket into cash, simply scan the winning ticket onsite on the M3T redemption kiosk.

Ticket Mail In

Alternatively, the ticket may also be mailed to the Gold Rush Gaming, Attn: Ticket Redemption to 824 Rose Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43219 or dropped off for redemption at a Lottery Regional Office.

Rules To Payouts

Payouts that are over $600 and are 300x’s the bet will require a hand pay by a Gold Rush Gaming employee. In addition, Ohio Revised Code Section 5747.064 requires Gold Rush Gaming to deduct and withhold Ohio income tax from a person’s prize award at a rate of four percent (4%) if the prize award is an amount for which reporting to the Internal Revenue Service of the amount is required by Section 6041 of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended, and will be withheld at the time of payment.


Ticket Validation

Validated tickets are no longer valid and may be discarded.
Unvalidated tickets expire on hundred eighty (180) days from the last day on which the relevant sporting event is held.

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