Games to help you stay entertained while social distancing

by Max Lapthorne

Social distancing can be no fun sometimes.

We’re all in this together as we do our part in flattening the curve during the COVID-19 crisis by staying in our homes and limiting interaction with the outside world. And while there are obviously plenty of larger concerns for all of us, that limited interaction has taken away some (but not all) of our ability to play games with our friends.

And given that we have the word “gaming” right there in our name, we felt it was our duty to share with you a list of games you can play with your friends to keep you entertained until our games are back up and running.

Cards Against Humanity

This classic and hilarious game is not for the faint of heart (or for the whole family) as it includes some raunchy questions/answers, but you’d be hard pressed to find a game that will make you laugh harder. The goal is to come up with the funniest word or phrase to fill in the blank of a randomly selected sentence. You can hop on a video call with your friends and have some big laughs with this game!


Creativity is encouraged in Quiplash, as players respond to prompts such as “What is a better name for France?” and all the answers go head to head with one another. This one is easy to play virtually, as players only need their smartphone and an internet connection to get hooked up.


Another game perfectly designed for quarantine, Fibbage allows players to remotely play the game via their phones. This one is all about fooling your fellow players into thinking that your answer is the correct answer to crazy questions to which (almost) no one would know the real answer.


Psych is a fun game for the whole family, with a similar objective as Fibbage, but with the twist that the questions are all about the players in the game. The player who the question is about inputs the correct answer and the other players are tasked with selecting the correct answer out of all the fakes entered by their competitors. This game is an app that is free to download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Evil Apples

This game is certainly not for the family, as it uses the same basic gameplay as Cards Against Humanity, but takes it to the next level. This app is also available on the App Store and Google Play Store.



While perhaps not the most exciting game, this classic single-player battle of wits will get you thinking and pass the time. If your friends are too busy napping, working from home or doing puzzles to play a game with you, then all you need to do is pick up the deck of cards (or download the game on your computer, but that’s not as much fun) and get started.


Games are usually more fun when you can see and talk to your friends while you’re playing, so we’ve also included a quick rundown of some video chatting apps you can use to stay connected.

  • Zoom – This app created for business use is perfect for large groups
  • Facetime – Popular option for Apple users everywhere
  • Google Hangouts – Anyone with a Gmail account can easily join a video chat on their phone or computer
  • Marco Polo – Instead of chatting simultaneously, this app allows you to send video messages to your friends that they can view later

We hope these suggestions will help keep you and your friends entertained while social distancing, and we’re looking forward to our games being back in action for all of you to enjoy!

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