Four Easy Ways to Boost Your Business

by Max Lapthorne

Every business has its days, weeks or months when business is slower than usual, but at Gold Rush Gaming we are determined to minimize those periods for our Partners. So, to supplement our extensive marketing offerings, we have decided to put together a handy list of four ways businesses can boost revenue.


1) Stamp Card Program

“Play 5 times and receive $5 Free Play!”

That caught your eye didn’t it? A Stamp Card Program is a great way to keep track of customer visitations, which will tell you who your frequent customers are and allow you to continue growing your customer base.

To keep gamers interested, you can change up the prizes offered each month. For example, one month might be “Play 10 times and receive a $10 Match Play” and the next month could be “Play 5 times and receive 20% off your food bill.”

A program like this can also give you a leg up on the competition, if other businesses in your area do not offer promotional rewards. Get creative with your offers, and at Gold Rush, we are always ready to help our Partners come up with fresh new ideas to keep their rewards programs ahead of the competition.


2) Host Events

The possibilities for hosting events at your business are almost limitless.

Special events create excitement and can attract potential new customers who otherwise may not have visited your business.

Here are just a few that will help get you started: Bingo, Trivia, Paint Night, Cooking Classes, Live Bands, Special Appearances, Karaoke Night — the list is endless! Get the word out about upcoming special events by posting details on your social media pages, website, print materials etc.

Try offering a unique menu, specialty cocktails, discounts or giveaway items for special themed nights! One example is a Paint Party with the theme being “Star Wars.” Attendees can paint a portrait of Baby Yoda, you can host a “Star Wars” Costume Contest, Trivia, or even create a specialty cocktail that looks like Baby Yoda!

Looking to partner with local businesses? Search online for events in your area and reach out to get involved.


3) Find New Ways to Reach Customers

Platforms such as Constant Contact and Mail Chimp offer businesses inexpensive email marketing programs. These tools are easy to use and are an excellent way to reach hundreds to thousands of people. Use email marketing to announce exclusive deals, remind customers about upcoming events, special announcements, help create a loyalty program, and more. They also provide valuable data to help you be even more precise in your messaging and targeting which will help broaden your reach.


4) Adjust Your Marketing Strategy

Rethink your marketing efforts. If you aren’t seeing the returns you’d like with traditional advertising, focus your efforts on your social media channels, media outreach, and being a part of local special events, etc. Core customers will likely visit your business regardless, but a simple notification can let them know you value their business and can spur them to come in during an off time.

To increase engagement on social media, create an enticing message and always add some kind of visual element, whether it is an eye-catching photo or video of a food dish, gaming area, or of a high winning ticket. Stay consistent with social media posting in order to create a following. People spend plenty of time on Facebook and other social media platforms, so businesses are missing out if they aren’t reaching out to their customers through that medium. And of course the best part of utilizing social media — it’s free!

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