Custom Promotions: Amplify Your Marketing Strategy!

by Annie Frankowski

Custom Promotions - Gold Rush Gaming


Do you love Gold Rush Promotions?


From Super Cash, Jeepers Kreepers, to The Grand Slam Giveaway, our Quarterly Promotions are always a highlight and great way to bring excitement into your establishment. Did you know that when Quarterly Promotions aren’t running, you can host custom promotions with Gold Rush Gaming unique to your business?


There are several benefits of custom promotions. Here are just a few!

-Increase traffic coming into your establishment

-Make interacting with customers fun and aid in getting to know them

-Adds value in why customers come into your establishment




Are you interested in talking about running a custom promotion? Options for customizing feel endless! Contact your Marketing Coordinator or Relationship Manager to discuss how to get started.


We hope that you have a wonderful day!



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