Location Spotlight: Cork Wine Bar

by WebAdmin

It is not difficult to figure out what sets Cork Wine Bar apart from its competitors.

Walking through the door, the rustic décor will draw your attention first. A spotless, fully stocked wine bar will draw your eyes soon after, but it’s the person standing behind the bar who pulls it all together.

Co-owner Linda G. went to great lengths to hire bartenders who are both skilled and have personalities that enhance Cork Wine Bar’s atmosphere. And that’s exactly what she found.

“My girls that work here are super sweet,” Linda said. “Our machines are brand new and clean and we just have some really friendly faces.”

Since Cork Wine Bar’s opening on July 8, Linda has worked tirelessly to make everything about it perfect. From the cleanliness of the bar area and game room to the way the bartenders interact with patrons, she is dedicated to making sure every aspect of Cork Wine Bar is designed with the customer in mind.

A self-described perfectionist, Linda will never stop looking for ways to improve, but the feedback she has received in the last month-plus has her confident Cork Wine Bar is on the right track.

“The people that have been coming in here have been saying ‘Wow, this is one of the nicest places we’ve been in,’” she said. “I hear that a lot. It’s not just me saying it because it’s my place. I have gotten that a lot.”

Linda and her husband have been in the construction industry for two decades, and Linda credits a friend with first bringing up the idea of opening a gaming establishment. After doing some research and happening upon a suitable location in River Grove, the couple settled on the premise for Cork Wine Bar. Instead of the typical limited offerings at gaming cafes, they would have a fully stocked wine bar with selections from across the globe.

So, the only thing left for them to do was select a terminal operator. Linda’s friend who initially mentioned the idea of opening a gaming establishment attempted to coax her into using the operator she uses for her own establishment, but Linda recognized all that Gold Rush could offer and is grateful for her decision.

“Every day I thank the lord I never went with that person and that I did go with [Gold Rush],” Linda said. “We’ve been working really well with Tyler. Every time he says something is going to get done, it gets done.”

And if Linda ever finds herself advising one of her friends on choosing a terminal operator?

“One hundred percent I would tell them they’re nuts if they don’t use [Gold Rush].”

Cork Wine Bar is located at 8905 W. Grand Ave. in River Grove and it is open from 9 a.m.-1 a.m. daily.